A Note From the Teacher
Oh, The Places You'll Go

by Mrs. Terranova

Dear Class of 2000,

Well, the year has come to a quick close...sniff, sniff! I have enjoyed each and every one of you for your humor, sensitivity toward others, excitement about learning, high energy and enthusiasm. It seems like just yesterday, we met for the first time at our August Ice Cream Social and/or as you entered A2 for the first time in September.

The following are highlights and memories of our times together ....In September, we worked together on establishing our classroom community with laughs, a scavenger hunt and welcoming our fantastic intern, Meghan Flaherty. In October, we quickly boarding boats and buses for our trip to Plimoth Plantation. As we completed long hours studying Colonial life, we helped Mrs. Whitehead write our class play "The Mystery Of White Eagle".

During the cold, winter months we worked hard on researching and presenting our Biography Projects. As spring tried to approach, we began our extensive study and experiments with plants. Thanks to Mrs. Johnsen, Carl's mom, we were able to grow plants with too little, too much or just enough water or sun or fertilizer...and in the end, we even had enough healthy ones to bring them home.

Mr. McGuinness, a high school history teacher, arrived in our class to help us learn more about Mesopotamia. You were lucky enough to travel as a class to Boston with Mrs. Shaw and experience sleeping in the reptile room on the Boston Museum of Science overnight in May. When we studied Massachusetts, Miss Powers and Mrs. Gibson, Nantucket's town administrator, answered our questions about national, state and local government. Also, how could I forget, your hour each week you help our first grade reading buddies?

I thank each and every one of you and your families for allowing me the opportunity to teach and learn from you.

Please don't be a stranger, stop by and visit my class in the fall or give me a nod in the hall.

Mrs. Terranova a.k.a. "Mrs. T"