Famous Biographies

A New Life

Reported By: Hayley

In the first week of February I999, Mrs. Terranova's class did biographies. This is all the people that we studied. Gayvnn Baldwin did Michael Jordan, Adelle Beaumont did Emily Dickinson, Joseph Bopp did Thomas Edison, Hayley Carroll did Queen Elizabeth the 2nd, Jennifer Chadwick did Helen Keller, Raymond Decosta did Tiger Woods, Myriah Douglas did Abraham Lincoln, Charlotte Hambleton did Amelia Earhart, Christine Herrmann did Elizabeth Blackwell, Katherine Horyn did Pocahontas, Carl Johnson did George Washington, Chelsea Reynolds did Thomas Jefferson, Morgan Simms did Davey Crockett, William Soverino did Lafayette, Ryan Stojak did Martin Luther King Jr., Grace-Anne Tornovish did Louisa Alcott , and finally Misty Wolf did Christopher Columbus. That is all the people that we studied.