The Mystery of White Eagle

Mrs.Terranova's Class

Does a Really Good Play!

Reporter: Christine

January 20, 2000

Mrs.Terranova's class did it! "The best play the people have ever seen is 'The Mystery Of White Eagle'.'' says Meagan, Mrs.Terranova's helper. There were tons of characters in the play and it was great! It was about some pilgrim kids that were wandering in the woods, and found an Indian village. But if you watched it you would know the end of the story! If you did not watch the play you missed a lot of entertainment! There were three pilgrim spies. They spied on the Indians. The spies were Chelsea, Morgan and Christine, those were their real names not their character's name. Ms. Whitehead was the very special writer in the play. She was the writer and also helped us study Pilgrims and Indians.

Narrator 1

Pilgrams Spying on Indians

Cast shot 1

Narrator 2

First Meeting of Indians & Pilgrams

Cast shot 2

Chief White Cloud

Indian Village

Pilgrams at breakfast