Colonial Quilting

3rd Grade Quilters Trace History!

By Reporter Katherine

Mrs. Terranova's class did a research Colonial quilt. How they did it: first they researched on Native Americans and Pilgrims. Then they got in groups and took all their facts and started to write a paragraph about something that had to do with pilgrims and native Americans. Then they typed their paragraph to go with their picture and drew a picture to go with their paragraph. Then they glued their papers on to a blue piece of paper and put glue on the edges of the paper and put glitter on the edges, then that was done. Here are some things they did: like illness, hunting, punishment, native American homes, inside of the their homes pilgrims and native Americans weapons, pilgrim and native American jobs, their food, pilgrim houses and their clothing. They worked very hard on this quilt. They also hung it up in their room. Ms. Powers came in and helped them research and parents came to help in the classroom, and people in the school came in to help and they learned a lot. They did a great job!