The Boston Museum Trip

by Carl

In May, I went to the Boston Museum of Science with my class. We went on the noon boat and arrived at Hyannis at 2:30. We took a hour and a half bus ride to Boston. We got to Boston about 5:00 and had about 45 minutes for dinner next to the Charles River. At about 6:00 we went into the Museum. We did a lot of fun stuff in the Museum like we got to see a Dinosaur Exhibit and a Rock Exhibit. We got to see the different sizes of brains in animals. I got to sleep in the Reptile Room with my group. We got to stay up to midnight. In the morning we got to see a show about dolphins. Then we got to go to the gift shop. I got a necklace with a shark on it. Then we took a bus back to Hyannis. On the way back to Nantucket we rode on the new fast boat. A catamaran called the Flying Cloud.

My Shark Necklace