Ready, Set, Multiply!

By Reporter, Chelsea

We learned multiplication in third grade. To practice we used flash cards and our hundred charts. We played games like: Designing Candy Box, Buzz, Bizz Buzz, Candy Factory, Circles and Stars, Mad Minutes and Pictures of Things That Come in Groups. In addition, 2+2 = 4 and in multiplication 2x2=4 also. Every night we had to practice with a packet of multiplication tables - one through twelve. It was hard to learn multiplication but we all did it very well. Next year we will know our multiplication skills very well and we will all try to practice our multiplication tables over the summer. We had fun and we will remember multiplication all of our lives.

Multiplication was great - special thanks to Mrs. Terranova, Meghan Flaherty, Ms. Ariel and the volunteers for teaching us.

We all had fun!