The Native Americans

Plimoth Plantation

by Raymond

Mrs. Terranova's class took a bus to Plimoth Plantation. When we got there, we went inside to watch a movie to find out what we would see on the field trip and where we would be at all times. We got in our groups and went outside to go to the native American village. When we got to the village, we saw native Americans. They were not really native Americans but they sure looked like it.

They were wearing the same clothes that the native Americans were wearing and one of the native Americans was burning a canoe out of a huge log. It was about 3' wide and 10-11' long. He was standing there watching the middle of the log burn right out to make a canoe. There was a fire and everything. There was a field with corn in the field. There was one man who was carving a face and he was doing very well. It looked like he was making a mini totem pole out of a small log. There was a woman cooking a fish and something in a pot on a campfire. I don't know what she was cooking and I may never know. If you find out, I want you to tell me. After that we went to the buses and we got on them and rode down to the boat to go home. We had a great time on the field trip and I want to go there again.